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Is the Choir Dead?

If there is a new song to sing, someone is going to sing it. Is there room for a choir ministry in your church?

3 Big Questions About Today’s Church Choir

Relevant questions and answers that must be asked about today’s worship leading choirs.


How to Build a Choir

Is the day of the choir over or has it changed?

Leading Powerful Rehearsals  

In Half the Time and With Half the Stress!

Benefits of the Worship Choir

The reasons to use a choir in a service of worship are broad and profound. Here are 3 important ones.

14 Reasons to Have a Worship Choir

It goes far beyond having a group of people sing on Sunday morning. Find out why the worship choir is still vastly important.


3 Reasons to Build a Choir

It might seem intimidating, but here are some reasons why the effort will be worth it. (Plus some encouragement if you don't have a choral background.)

No Normal Singing

Singing has a colorful array of tones and finishes; make sure you don’t settle for the easy path when directing your choir or vocalists.

The Non-Issue of Style

Getting tired of the term “worship wars”? Here are thoughts on making style-preference a passing phase.

Getting a Good Choir Blend

Here are a few of the reasons your choir becomes disjointed and how to remedy the situation.

Singers: A Real Head Case

While it is true that everyone can open their mouths and sing, it is the great singer that can discipline the mind

How Do You Teach a New Song?

The way a new song is introduced can have a huge impact on how readily it becomes part of your church's vocabulary.