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Joy to the World!

Did you Know that Isaac Watts never inteded this to be a Christmas carol? Get deeper look at Psalm 98 and the origins of the hymn before you play it this weekend.

Song Story: “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”

We still have one more Advent service before Christmas (Christmas Eve); discover the origins of one of the most cherished Advent hymns.


From David to Dylan

Here is a brief rundown of music in the church since “the beginning” and ending with Bob Dylan.

Is Music Snobbery Hurting Worship?

A plea for balance in the trend to prioritize one form of hymn over another.

10 Reasons Why Hymnals Have a Future

A hymnal is a valuable resource for all kinds of Christians, as well as congregational leaders, find out why

Have all the good tunes been written?

Defining a good song is tricky, but the main test of melodies—likewise, harmony and form—is the same for any art: the test of time. Poor quality doesn’t last long.


The Richness of Our Faith

A Conversation with former editor-in-chief of Christianity Today magazine David Neff on worship, prayer poetry, and congregational song.

Traditional Versus Contemporary Worship

Struggling between contemporary and traditional music approaches? This essay from 200 years ago might help.

“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”

“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” is most assuredly one of the oldest, if not the oldest, Christmas Carol in most hymnbooks today and is one of the oldest texts still sung by the Church at any time of the year.