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Have you ever given a gift to a friend or family member and secretly regretted that you didn’t keep it for yourself? Seeing it in the hands of a loved one brought out the hidden desires of your heart, and you had to squel...

Tim Hughes and Worship Central

Thoughts on being dependent on God what it means to have “serious fun.”


An Interview with Shane Barnard

Grace, Leadership, and Songwriting Through the Valleys.

Interview: Carlos Whittaker

Whittaker took some time to answer the things we had on our mind.

Josh Fox

Josh shares his journey and offers tips on producing a CD as well as staying in worship ministry for the long haul.

Interview With Jeff Deyo

You are now the Worship Arts Specialist and professor at North Central University in Minneapolis, MN, what does that look like for you on a daily basis? I am at NCU just about every day of the week.  I teach classes like Worshi...


Interview with Jon Bauer

Inside track interview with worship leader Jon Bauer.

Interview with Jon Egan

We got a chance to check in with Jon Egan of Desperation Band and ask him a couple of questions about the new release, Center of it All, and the mission of the band.

Interview with Christine D’Clario

Christine D'Clario talks about the process of releasing her first recorded English language album, Deeper, and simultaneously releasing the Spanish language version, Más Profundo.

Gentle Whisper

Have you ever decided to walk instead of drive? It can be quite revealing. Before leaving your own street you find sidewalk hedges containing entire worlds of activity. In you car with the air-conditioned just right it’s ...

Song Story: Heart of Worship

Below is the exclusive song story behind the song “The Heart of Worship” from the new e-book, “Song Stories: The Stories Behind Worship’s Best Loved Songs, Vol. 2.” These stories have been collected from the pages of Worship Le...