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Music and Worship

Let Worship Be Local Too: On the Influence of Industry on Sunday Morning

This essay probes the questions many worship leaders have as they lead their congregations by focussing on whether our liturgies are formed by the music industry or the needs of the people.

Rejecting Cynicism

The prophetic role of creating devotional art that is filled with beauty and creativity.


The Righteous Riffs

How to use electric guitar in worship.

God Still Speaks

Songwriters, start here! A torrent of New Song is pouring from houses of prayer giving platforms to prayer poets of this generation.

10 Roles of Music in Services of Worship

As the steward of music in your church, here are 10 music uses every worship leader should be familiar with.

Majesty in a Manger, Full Stream

Get a first listen to Christmas songs from All Sons & Daughters, Paul Baloche, Darlene Zschech, Travis Ryan, and more.


From David to Dylan

Here is a brief rundown of music in the church since “the beginning” and ending with Bob Dylan.

Top 20 Worship Songs of 2016, So Far

Our favorite songs released this year for the purpose of congregational worship.

Music, the Gift of Grace to the Church

Encouraging churches to continue to produce their new songs, worthy of our God’s name.

The Mysterious Impact of Music & Song

A brief list of different types of music that play various roles in our lives and the life of the church.

What’s Missing in Today’s Worship Songwriting?

10 worship thinkers tell songwriters what is missing in current worship song theology.

My Pursuit by All About Worship

Led by Michael Farren, listen to this full release of powerful worship songs from various worship leaders intended to equip the church with songs for congregational music.