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Song Selection

Special Advertising Section: New Music 2017

From declarations of praise to cries of lament, 2017 has much to offer in the realms of devotional art and music in the service of prayer.

Top 20 Worship Songs of 2016

Here is the end of the year list of Worship Leader’s picks for top songs this year.


Top Indie Worship Projects

Our favorite 5 church projects and indie worship artist offering for 2016.

Refreshing the Holiday Standbys

Shining up the old songs of the season to make them fresh for you and your congregation.

2016’s Christmas Release Roundup

Here are a few of the top worship releases and highlighted songs for this year’s Christmas times of worship in music.

Unique Offering

Exploring the relationship between poet, congregation, and Holy Spirit in worship songwriting.


Top 20 Worship Songs of 2016, So Far

Our favorite songs released this year for the purpose of congregational worship.

Is Music Snobbery Hurting Worship?

A plea for balance in the trend to prioritize one form of hymn over another.

Song Discovery Highlights

Find out more from the writers of these two new worship songs, which are featured on the next volume of Song Discovery.

The Songwriter’s Greatest Resource

For centuries the Psalms have inspired the best Christian songwriting. Find out how they can make you a better artist and worshiper.

How often should I introduce new songs in Worship?

Should we sing familiar worship songs that our people know or new songs?

Who Should Pick The Songs?

Exploring the idea of teamwork in song selection for worship.