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Song Selection

Top 20 Worship Songs of 2015

Worship Leader magazine's picks for the top new songs for worship released this year.

2 New Worship Songs

Selected from the current volume of Song Discovery, here are two new songs to bring into your setlist.


Christmas Release Rundown 2015

Here is the new Christmas music you will want for the day after Thanksgiving.

Meaning What We Sing

How true should the words of our worship songs be?

Teaching With Our Songs

4 biblical principles to consider when choosing songs for congregational worship.

Do New Radio Hits Make Great Worship Songs?

On the heels of a few great worship releases this year, here’s a look at where we are finding our songs for worship.


Under the Radar

Our favorite indie worship releases of 2015, so far.

Timeless Songs

Constructing a worship set that will stick with your congregation as they leave the weekend service.

What I’ve Learned About Picking New Songs for Worship

12 keys to choosing new songs for your service of worship.

Christmas Release Rundown, 2014

Here’s a rundown of this year’s prominent releases and our suggestion for a new, unique song to add to your Christmas setlists.

Top 20 Worship Songs of 2014

Each year in our Best of the Best issue of Worship Leader magazine, we highlight what we considered the top congregational worship songs that released that year.

What on earth are we singing? 

A series on the contemporary congregational song – Part 5