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Worship Leader Insights: Cody Carnes

Cody Carnes shares his new song, explores leading worship with his wife (Kari Jobe), and reveals the resources he thinks you need to know about.

Joy to the World!

Did you Know that Isaac Watts never inteded this to be a Christmas carol? Get deeper look at Psalm 98 and the origins of the hymn before you play it this weekend.


Song Story: “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”

We still have one more Advent service before Christmas (Christmas Eve); discover the origins of one of the most cherished Advent hymns.

Song Discovery Highlights

Find out more from the writers of these two new worship songs, which are featured on the next volume of Song Discovery.

Song Story: “Mighty to Save”

The story behind the writing of the powerful, now-classic, worship song.

Story Behind the Song: “Because He Lives”

With recent revisions of this classic song being sung around the world, here is the story of the original version.


Song Story: How He Loves

The heart of a song is more than the story of its inspiration or inception; it’s also the story it becomes in the listener and the singer.

2 New Worship Songs

Selected from the current volume of Song Discovery, here are two new songs to bring into your setlist.

“From the Inside Out”

The story behind the song and an exclusive interview with Hillsong's Joel Houston.

In Christ Alone

Considered one of the most influential modern hymns, discover the story behind the writing of this powerful song.


Have you ever given a gift to a friend or family member and secretly regretted that you didn’t keep it for yourself? Seeing it in the hands of a loved one brought out the hidden desires of your heart, and you had to squel...

“10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman

Matt Redman shares the origins of the Grammy-award winning song, "10,000 Reasons."