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The Art of Silence in the Creative Process

Begin your year with this resolution: take time to allow for silence.

A Band of Brothers

Worship leaders and recording artists are not lone rangers. Here are thoughts on finding your team of worship ministry partners.


Song Story: “Mighty to Save”

The story behind the writing of the powerful, now-classic, worship song.

What’s Missing in Today’s Worship Songwriting?

10 worship thinkers tell songwriters what is missing in current worship song theology.

Songwriting as Spiritual Discipline

What is your motivation for writing songs? Here are thoughts on writing as an intentional act of engagement with God.

The Songwriter’s Greatest Resource

For centuries the Psalms have inspired the best Christian songwriting. Find out how they can make you a better artist and worshiper.


Stop Working, Start Songwriting

How rest and play are vital aspects to a songwriter's creative life.

Songwriting According to Psalm 40

Letting God use your personal worship testimony to bring people to salvation.

The Backbone of Every Worship Song

A straightforward analysis of an essential aspect of worship songwriting.

On God and the Gift of Songwriting

When God is looking to give you the gift of a song, be ready. Also, be thankful.

Songwriting According to Charles Wesley

Worship scholar Lester Ruth helps us understand honest worship songwriting using the example of a master.

A Case for Writing Your Church’s Worship

Pastoring, discipleship, team development—these are just some of the many reasons to write songs for your congregation. Find out more.