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25 Vocal Maintenance Tips

Your voice is your built in, sound-producing, sound-supporting instrument; here are tips on taking care of it.

How to Find the Best Key for a Vocalist

Here’s a process for you to follow when matching a song to a particular vocalist’s range.


The Timeless Worship Leader

Not letting age be the deciding factor for vocal teams

The American Idol Effect

In what ways has this immensely popular and American cultural phenom influenced church music leadership?

No Normal Singing

Singing has a colorful array of tones and finishes; make sure you don’t settle for the easy path when directing your choir or vocalists.

How to Get the Best of Your Backing Vocalist

From clear directives to a simple thank you, here are 5 things you can do to give your vocalists tools for success.


Working With Analytical and Emotional Singers

Identifying and working with two different personality types on your worship team and in your choir.

Worship Leaders: Know Your Vocalists!

7 attributes of a vocalist that you should know in order to get the most out of your singers.

Ministering a Song

There is a difference between singing a solo and ministering a song. Here are 6 keys to adding ministry to your vocal skill.

Singers: A Real Head Case

While it is true that everyone can open their mouths and sing, it is the great singer that can discipline the mind

Better Vocal Blend for the Worship Team

Here’s a checklist for troubleshooting possible issues in finding the right blend for your vocalists.

Increasing Vocal Range

By Tim Carson Every singer has two main functions of their voice: head voice and chest voice. These terms don’t just describe aesthetic nuances or colors that the voice is able to produce – they describe two signifi...