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Top 20 Worship Songs of 2015, So Far



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ere is this year’s edition of the half-yearly round up of our favorite congregational songs. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

20. “Ever Be”
Bethel Music
As heard on: We Will Not Be Shaken
Bethel Music


19. “He Shouted Love”
The Silver Pages
As heard on: Part II – EP


18. “Fearless”
Mia Fieldes
As heard on: Ashes
Essential Worship


17. “The Love of the Father”
As heard on: Wake Up the Wonder
CityAlight Music


16. “Lead Me Father”
Rivers and Robots
As heard on: Live at the Mill
Set Sail Records


15. “Jesus Is Alive”
Fellowship Creative
As heard on: Alive In Us EP
Fair Trade


14. “Cant Be Broken”
Woodside Worship
As heard on: Response
Woodside Publishing


13. “Prayers of the People”
The Brilliance
As heard on: Brother
Integrity Music


12. “Here’s My Hands, Here’s My Heart”
Seeker & Servant
As heard on: Single
Revival House


11. “My Anchor”
Christy Nockels
As heard on: Let It Be Jesus


10. “Trust It All”
North Point
As heard on: Inside Out
North Point Music


9. “Spirit of the Living God”
Vertical Church
As heard on: Church Songs
Essential Worship


8. “Even So Come”
As heard on: Even So Come


7. “Mightier”
Aaron Strumpel
As heard on: Bright Star


6. “Soul On Fire”
Third Day
As heard on: Lead Us Back: Songs of Worship


5. “Unbroken Praise”
Matt Redman
As heard on: Unbroken Praise


4. “How Can It Be”
Lauren Daigle
As heard on: How Can It Be


3. “Heart Won’t Stop”
John Mark & Sarah McMillan
As heard on: You Are The Avalanche EP
Lionhawk / Capitol CMG


2. “Heart Like Heaven”
Hillsong United
As heard on: Empires


1. “Because He Lives (Amen)”
Matt Maher
As heard on: Saints and Sinners



    Thanks for sharing these top 20 worship songs of 2015. There are some worship songs my favorite. Waiting for more such type post at your end.


    Hey, thanks so much!! I was looking for new worship songs to listen to!!

    Emmanuel Kabumbuli

    Too inspirational gospel music God bless you all

    Lori Rowe

    I feel like it is all the same style of worship – white. It all sounds the same. Do you have anything for a more diverse congregation?


    Not sure these are all praise and worship songs. Singing about God is not singing to God. Want to get your people into the Holy of Hollies. Sing to God. Big difference.


      It’s good to have songs where you sing about God and to God. There is something called the 5 worship phases to strongly lead your Body in worship. 1. Invitation (Call to worship, inviting) 2. Engagement (Singing about who God is) 3. Exaltation (Dynamically intense phase, singing out to God with power) 4. Adoration (dynamic reduction, singing more about God’s qualities that relate to you) 5. Intimacy (quiet and gentle personal address to God, i.e. “Abba Father.”


    As a youth worship leader for my church, I try and find songs that are new and fun, but still very spiritual and worship-like. I love that this website brings new music to the surface.


    I work with a pastor at a local Christian church and we are trying to find new worship music for our congregation to use. I have never heard of “He Shouted Love” before, but I really like it and so I think that it will probably be one of the new songs that we use. However, I know that it is really hard to get congregations to start using new music. Do you have any advice for getting a congregation to start singing songs that they aren’t used to?


      As a worship leader, one of the common tools I use is social media. I will usually create a post to our church’s Facebook page on Wednesday or Thursday before introducing a new song. In the post will be a link to a YouTube video of the song, as well as a Scriptural basis and short statement from me to (hopefully) generate a little excitement around the song. I first started doing that in July of last year, and it has been very successful in preparing our people for new songs.

      Another option is to create a CD or playlist of songs that you will be introducing over the coming weeks/months. Keep that playlist/CD playing in times when folks are coming into the sactuary for service, or leaving immediately after. That can be another way to have the people say, “Wait, I think I know this song. I’ve heard it before…” when you begin to play it in worship! I hope these two ideas help you!


      We play new music before church, during alter time (if appropriate) and right after service. This gives the congregation a chance to hear it before we introduce it. We play it for a few weeks before the worship team introduces it on the platform. Sometimes we will use Wednesday night worship service to introduce a new song…or during the offering. The Wednesday night congregation are generally there on Sundays as well and this gives them a chance to have already heard and sang the new song before it is introduces to the Sunday morning congregation. With them singing it doesn’t seem like a new song. We also only introduce 1 or 2 new songs each month.


      We’ve found that it’s helpful to teach the chorus before singing the whole thing with the congregation. that way they feel more confidence when the chorus comes. You might consider leaving the bridge out the first time you teach the song. Also, it helps to have some sort of connection, so it helps to tell the story behind the song, or scripture that is relevant, or a reason it has become meaningful to members of your team, yourself, etc. And yes, use a playlist of songs on deck for prelude/postlude. We’ve also introduced new worship as a “special” one week and as part of worship the next.


    The comments are always the same with these “Best of” song lists Worship Leader puts out, and I tend to agree with the ones who say “Really?” While I appreciate hearing about new music and new musical entities, what I really want to know is “Worship leaders across America, what are you playing in your services these days that’s new and exciting to YOUR congregation?” I would much rather hear reports from the grass roots and the ground level than read something that looks like a Pandora or Spotify radio channel. The lists posted by the commenters are far more edifying to me. As usual.


    I love christian music! The song Jesus Is Alive is amazing! Knowing He still lives is so comforting to me. Thanks for sharing all these different christian songs. Very helpful to see a list of them all together.


    how can i download those songs on my phone so that i too can be blessed as i listened to them


    Hello all. I honestly don’t think it matters whether we agree or disagree with the list. This article was published based on the author’s opinion. I’m familiar with a few songs on this list, but the majority are not songs that I listen to in preparation for leading worship on Sunday. It’s simply a matter of preference, which we’re all entitled to as men and women of God. I grew up listening exclusively to Gospel music, stepped into secular music for a number of years before returning to my Gospel music roots. Over the past 10 years, I’ve expanded my listening genres to include CCM & Christian Hip-Hop. While the latter will most likely never find its way into one of our Sunday set lists, I still enjoy listening and worshiping with the music. That being said, if a member of the congregation approached and asked me what I thought the top 20 songs for 2015 were, I’m sure my list would look nothing like the list above. Similarly, my worship arts Pastor likely will have a completely different list; AND THAT’S OK.


    I’m a student worship leader for the youth at my church and here are some of our favorites to play/songs we play well:

    Love Shines – Austin Stone
    Cornerstone – Hillsong
    Come Lord Jesus (Even So Come) – Kristian Stanfill
    Great Are You Lord – All Sons and Daughters
    Holy Spirit – Bethel
    I Am Set Free – All Sons and Daughters
    Oceans – Hillsong
    You Won’t Relent – Jesus Culture

    Tim W.

    I hate to jump on such a negative bandwagon, but I have to admit I was perplexed at the majority of the songs on the list. As the worship leader/music director for a multicultural congregation, this list makes me very sad. I hate to put in these terms, but what a “white’s only” list. I understand that acoustic guitars and folksy songs are “all the rage” now, but this list does nothing for my congregation. Please, please, please stretch beyond your own culture when searching for songs for the whole and entire Body of Christ. I am fully convinced that when we ALL get to Heaven, Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman will not be the only ones leading worship around His Throne.



      Melody Robinson

      Is this infact a list for only White Male worship leaders, if so then I googled the wrong thing. I was looking for a broader view point of all worship music and the best of 2015. I will do more research.

      bob smith

      it makes me sad tim that you are a worship leader with your comments


        Hi Bob Smith, I would guess that “Tim” is probably a sincere and devoted worship leader whom God has called to that position, whose passion and desire it is to magnify the LORD Most High Who has so graciously stooped to save us, love us, and conform us all more to His Perfect Image. If “Tim” expressed his opinion, based on the music that touches his spirit and that impacts the people to whom he is called to minister, I don’t see anything wrong with that. There are many varieties of music out there, many of which are not represented on this particular list, which is the list that Jeremy Armstrong felt impacted his church and set his heart on fire for the LORD. Bob Smith, you are probably a devoted worshipper yourself, probably seeking to know the LORD more and more. I just would not tell “Tim” that it makes you sad that he is a worship leader. You don’t know “Tim”. He probably worships the LORD as much as you do. Maybe more. Maybe less. Only God knows. But just because he expressed his opinion respectfully, don’t cast aspersions on his calling and his character. Amen? Me personally, have been in music & worship, leading it, singing, playing, leading choirs, etc., and I can say I would not have chosen any of the songs on this particular list. Ever. But, those who worship GOD must worship HIM in SPIRIT and in TRUTH, and whatever causes us and the people to whom we may be ministering to worship HIM and draw closer to HIM, then praise the LORD and I believe HE is blessed and magnified!!!!! I am sure that’s your prayer…Tim’s prayer…Jeremy’s prayer…and mine too!!!

      Lori Rowe

      I totally agree. Our congregation is quite diverse and so therefore, our worship is diverse. How can list of 2015 be only this?


    Just to echo the comments of others about this list…I love that Worship Leader wants to keep their readers up-to-date on the latest songs coming out of the worship/music industry, and as a vocational worship leader this type of list is helpful in the sense that it features a variety of bands and songs. However, I do find that these types of list are often assembled without much thought being given to whether the songs are suitable for a majority of congregations and their worship diet. Obviously what is “suitable” and “singable” varies greatly, but it’s hard to believe that the more performance-based songs would fit well in most congregations.

    This type of list ought to point us towards the greater conversation of how we as worship leaders, pastors, musicians, etc. are helping our churches engage/participate in worship themselves. My concern is that the musicians (in some cases) have become “musical high priests” as they offer up their polished, slick, cutting edge songs while those in the congregation listen in admiration. That’s the worst form of musical leadership in my opinion.

    Mark T

    I see that I am not the only one to find this list a little misleading. My congregation has not sung any of these songs and probably will not in the near future. As some have already noted, most of these are not that friendly or accessible for congregational use, especially churches that are not trendy and lack a professional music team. This list may have been more appropriately labelled as the “Top 20 worship songs on Christian Radio.”

    In saying this, I mean no disrespect to the authors and artists who wrote and presented these songs. They are wonderful songs of worship, and as an individual I deeply appreciate how they give voice to my own heart and spirit.


      I’m inclined to agree, in this: the purpose of a worship leader/team is not to perform for an audience, it is to lead the congregation into worship. If they can’t sing along, you have become not a worship leader, but a performer.


    There are a couple decent tunes on your list, but I can’t imagine how anyone could’ve skipped “Good Good Father” by Pat Barrett (Unhindered) & Tony Brown… everyone from Darlene Zschech & Israel Houghten to every prophetic church & housechurch (and, honestly, every church in my county in South Georgia – even the traditional churches are singing it) in the country… it’s what “Set a Fire” was 2 years ago. Such a powerful song, too.


      Completely agree… however, the Housefires II album DID come out in 2014, it’s just the song didn’t blow up until this year! I was worshipping to that song in my house church this time last year. Interesting to see how INCREDIBLY popular it’s become (that whole album is great, by the way).


    “Our favourite congregational songs.” Well… with the greatest respect (and I love so much about your magazine, etc.) do you really know how many of these songs have actually made it into congregations? I would think that many (most?) churches would struggle with many (most?) of the songs on this list. I fear that the promotion of such as these can lead to discouragement amongst musicians (who can’t re-create what they’re hearing) and more ‘spectator worship’ in our churches. Tomlin, Redman and Maher are gifted song-writers. Many of the recordings here feature great singers and excellent musicians, but we need to be VERY selective in what we ask our congregations to sing. Let’s honour God with the very best that we can bring.


    This must be the author’s top 20 since there is no data to support it.

    Our church’s top 25 (in no particular order) for 2015 looks like this:
    It Is Well (Through it all) – Bethel
    Open Up The Heavens – Vertical Church
    Greater is He – Jonathan Lee
    Be Lifted Higher – Gateway
    Hands to the Heavens – Kari Jobe
    Jesus Only Jesus – Redman
    Sinking Deep – Hillsong Y&F
    Broken Vessels – Hillsong
    No Other Name – Hillsong
    Oceans – Hillsong
    Man of Sorrows – Hillsong
    10000 Reasons – Redman
    You Are Good – Bethel
    Here’s My Heart Lord – Crowder
    Great Are You Lord – All Sons & Daughters
    This Is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham
    Cornerstone – Hillsong
    One Thing Remains – Jesus Culture Version
    Lord I Need You – Riddle
    Holy Spirit – Bethel
    Great I Am – Desperation
    Overcome – Desperation
    We Believe – Hillsong
    More Than Amazing – Brewster
    Revelation Song – Gateway Version


      I really like your list! Might I add:

      Come As You Are – Crowder
      Made New – Lincoln Brewster
      I Stand Before Almighty God Alone – Lee Ann Riddle (please check out this song!)
      Amen – I Am They
      King of Love – I Am They
      There is Power – Lincoln Brewster
      Because He Lives – Matt Maher
      Christ is Enough – Hillsong
      My Heart is Yours – various
      Back to the Star – Martin Smith (a much better version than “God’s Great Dance Floor”
      Abide With Me – Matt Redman

      God bless,


        Because he lives was #1 yo!

        GC Bushman

        Thanks Ben and Keith. Personally I could hang out on the songs I’ve been singing for the last 20 years… but, I do want to bring the youth and younger generation into the mix … so, tonight I was trying to find some type of list that I could find “new to me” songs. I have copied both of your lists and will begin checking them out on You Tube. Again, Thank you!


      Thanks for the additional list!

      Jonathan Scott

      What I find interesting about Keith’s and Ben’s list is that as soon as I read through them and recognized many of the songs that our contemporary NC church uses, I immediately felt more connected to the THE Church of Jesus that extends beyond geographical, denominational, and stylistic boundaries. That got me to thinkin’: shouldn’t any kind of “lists” seek to reflect more what is going on in and coming out of the larger Church and less what is going in on and coming out of studios? Couldn’t “lists” highlight more where we are similar in sharing a more common movement of His Spirit in His Church and less any kind of personal preferences?

    Bob Marshall

    Nice choices…I like your taste, Jeremy (because it so closely matches my own :-)) I’ve already made YouTube videos for three of the songs, which I was introduced to via the sampler CDs.


    Asking the same as Jason – who puts this together? Our church has sung one of these songs, and most of them are wow–not congregationally friendly! Just curious–don’t find them on CCLI top usage either.

    Chad D.

    These are good songs, however, what makes them top 20 worship songs for 2015? What criteria was involved in creating this list? One of these songs was just released 20 days ago . . . are these for sure “Top Worship Songs” (as being recognized and used by local churches for corporate worship) or are they just good songs that have been recorded by “worship artists” and selected subjectively by an individual or small group? I’m very much enjoying the videos and links in the post, but have a concern about the grandeur of this post’s title.


    Curious how is this list developed? Popular vote, staff recommendations, actual church usage?

      Chad D.

      Jason . . . I submitted a comment basically asking the same thing as your comment. I did not see your comment until after I submitted mine. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one curious as to how these songs made this list.

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