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Cultivation Generation
Vineyard Worship

Captured live at the Cultivation Generation conference hosted this year in Boise, the album is a collaboration between Northwest Vineyard worship leaders and Jeremiah Carlson and the band The Neverclaim. Carlson—Neverclaim’s lead singer and founder of Cultivation Generation—along with Stephen Lampert, Anabeth Morgan, David Linhart, and Jesse Meyer deliver 12 songs reflecting passion for God and making him known through servant-worship. Opening with rock roots and a fresh expression of love for the risen Lord on “My Soul Longs” (with some Mumford & Sons banjo), the entire collection exudes an atmosphere of “first love.” “Love Has Come” combines beauty and sensitivity with pumping, pogo-ing, proclamation. The project is both ascendant and dimensional: guitars, pulsing drums, soaring vocals, shameless devotion, raw emotion … and quiet reflection—something to jump into with both feet. Cultivation Generation Live: My Foundation offers a wide range of tempos, styles, and songs for your service of worship. Youth oriented, but accessible and adaptable, there is a respectful nod to worship mentors such as Kevin Prosch on the hopeful “They that Wait” and Reginald Heber and John Dykes on  “Enthroned” (which encompasses the first verse of “Holy, Holy, Holy”) and on the updated Blind Willie Johnson song/rap “God Don’t Never Change.”

 More: A double helping of everything. Heart, passion, unashamed devotion and love, youthful exuberance, tender reverence, range of expression, flow.  More of the fresh, original sung prayer (“Foundation,” “Worthy”) and the joy-filled declaration “Your Kingdom’s Here,” “Walls Come Down”) and the songs of hope and bridal Love (“My Soul Longs,” “Bridegroom,” “Life to Us”).

 Less: A greater balance of scriptural and lyrical depth with the amazing emotional heights and vocal commitment and heart. This is not a criticism, as the album is scripturally tethered. It is only because the latter is so exemplary that you long for more of the former.

 4.5 stars

 –Andrea Hunter


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