Nord Electro 4D Review

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Nord Electro 4D Review




Function: 61 key Portable Keyboard
Price: $2199
What’s New: To celebrate 10 years since the original Electro was released, Nord has unveiled the Electro 4D, a 61-key, semi-weighted keyboard that features the classic Nord sounds in an ultra-light package.  The Electro 4D is full of new features, most notably, the addition of great feeling, sturdy organ drawbars that replace the lights and buttons on the previous electros.  Also new is the addition of a new rotary simulation and drive, making the Electro 4D organ sound the same as the flagship organ simulator C2D.  Also included is an expanded delay effects section with tap tempo, rate, a stereo ping-pong mode and amount controls.  The Nord Electro 4D also supports Nord Long Release that makes the pianos even more realistic especially during legato playing.  Four live locations and 4 preset banks give an unprecedented amount of freedom with presets, and Nord finally gives us MIDI flexibility by making the USB port a USB-MIDI interface.  Nord continues to set the benchmark with their simple layout, unmatched sound quality and classic control surface. 

 -Andy Toy

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