North Point Kids: Shine!

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1-NorthPointKidsShineCoverNorth Point Music

North Point Music releases its first album created just for elementary-aged kids with North Point Kids: Shine! Worship leaders like Casey Darnell, Eddie Kirkland, and Seth Condrey lead out this relevant power-pop collection.

North Point considered four important elements for these songs: a clear message with no big words, plus language and an approach that encourages movement, current musical style, and lyrics that allow kids to worship God for who he is and what he’s done for them. They nailed all the elements.

More: Catchy and memorable with savvy beats and declarative lyrics. Kids will grab these cuts and own them.

Less: Nothing. They were aiming for a unique kid’s worship release and they nailed it. Great job, North Point Kids!

5 stars
Mike Pueschell

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