Not Afraid

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not afraid1Community Bible Church
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Not Afraid is Community Bible Church’s second recorded album with live original music written by Josh Lopez and help from Phil Vega and Isai Guerra. From San Antonio, Texas, this church presents a collaboration of Spanish, classical, and contemporary Christian all in one record, plus includes takes on other great worship songs like “Because He Lives,” “10,000 Reasons,” and “Praise Him” by The Royal Royal, making Not Afraid one of the most diverse corporate worship albums currently on the market. Though beginning with a somber, beautiful symphony of strings, Not Afraid jolts the listener into a wonderful world of prominent, rhythm-heavy bass and drums seeping with energy and celebration lead by an abounding choir of strong voices. Introducing the listener into something outside the Christian music norm, reminiscent of Israel Houghton, trumpets are heard in the foreground along with intricate piano licks and bass lines. Becoming mellower as the songs naturally progress forward, Not Afraid retains the energy it so shockingly began with from start to finish. An exciting, spirit-lead, sincere time of worship, Josh Lopez exemplifies perfectly how songs in the church can be congregation-friendly yet still musically advanced; worship leaders should listen to this album over and over, taking copious notes on songwriting, arrangement, and band/congregational leading.

More: This album transitions very smoothly from one song to the next musically, lyrically, and emotionally. Not Afraid is a set of songs well planned and organized, as should be when leading a congregation into a time of worship.

Less: Would have enjoyed the dynamic fall to rise back again to the upbeat energy from beginning of the album.

Lindsay Young


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