About Us

Who Are We?
The National Worship Leader Conference (NWLC) is an event put on by Worship Leader magazine, one of the most respected and highly regarded resource for worship leaders, pastors, and entire worship teams. Each year at the NWLC we attempt to bring the thoughts and philosophies explored in the pages of the magazine to a live venue. The NWLC was founded in 2007 to meet the musical, theological, and media training needs of those who bring the services of worship to their congregations on a weekly basis.

About NWLC
In church leadership you are constantly assaulted by the rollercoaster of the everyday. From being an event planner to keeping up with the technological and musical trends, to the emotional rigors of partnering with and pastoring your worship community. The National Worship Leader Conference is designed to take you away from the distractions, designed to pull you away from the things that often overwhelm, and place you in a house of worship with others like you. Musicians, pastors, worship team members, and multimedia artists are invited to gather together with a single objective: deepen your understanding of worship and bring it back to your community.

This Year’s theme is “In Remembrance of Me”
To remember Jesus is to hear the echoes of the past and the music of Eden in our hearts; for Jesus is the Lord of creation—the One who made us for a life of intimacy with God and fruitfulness in his world. In remembering, we become present to the life and death of Christ—uniting the present with the past and looking hopefully toward the future. When we remember we celebrate. When we remember we re-present Christ’s sacrifice, as well as his glorious life that is our understanding of God; we re-present God’s resurrection of his son, creating hope and an understanding of the redemption of all things. The art of remembering is filled with the unity of the body and the centrality of charity and love.

Worship leaders, arts pastors, church creatives, musicians, and devotional artists of every kind, this is our commission: lead remembrance. Join us in California as we strive to encourage worship in spirit and truth, anchored to the certainty that whenever we gather, we do so in remembrance of him.

Join us this year as we grow in skill and increase our passion to help our communities pour out praise with all their hearts, souls, and minds.