Alfonso “Hez” Hernandez

Alfonso Hernandez is best known as the CEO of Hez & Co. Creative Agency, a leading artistic voice for design and imaging within the Christian community; but at the root of his creativity lies his own passion for worship and praise. A native of San Diego, CA, his passion for worship has led him to share the message of hope nationally and through Latin America as an acclaimed Worship Leader. Today, Hernandez continues to head Hez & Co. Creative Agency as Creative Director and leads worship at his home church, Place of Encounter (Lugar De Encuentro), which is a multicultural congregation where he participates in the development of other worship leaders. He is often participating in background vocals for popular artists such as Julissa, Freddy Rodriguez, Ricardo Sanchez, and BJ Putnam. In addition, he was also a lead vocalist of the recent Dove Award winning album Top 25 Cantos De Alabanza from Maranatha Music