Craig Gilbert

Dr. Craig Gilbert grew up worshiping in vibrant, participating congregations. When he began leading worship in 1992 his approach to worship leadership encouraged congregations that they are a vital part of worship and that worship is not just for leaders. Dr. Gilbert is an experienced leader in a variety of worship styles. He earned a Bachelor’s of Music Education from Louisiana State University, a Master’s degree in Conducting from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and his Doctorate of Worship Studies from the Robert Webber Institute for Worship Studies. He has played guitar in a variety of bands since 1983. He has experience leading in congregations both large and small. Though music is his primary communication tool in worship, Dr. Gilbert’s passion is for the worship experience to be a complete journey to a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, with the power of the Holy Spirit. He believes that congregations have an equal role in making worship meaningful. Dr. Gilbert lives out the quote, “worship is a verb,” not just for leaders, but for everyone.