We are inviting an elite team of zealously enthusiastic worshipers to join our Street Team to bring in worship leaders and everyone who makes the worship service happen for churches everywhere!

When you’re selected to be a member of the Street Team for NWLC California you will use your energetic creativity to get the word out about NWLC California 2012, and for your efforts, we want to not only give you our thanks and appreciation, we’ll give you these 3 goodies:

1. Graphics, text, and cover photo for your Facebook page, blog, and your favorite channels (social media and traditional media) – just add your creativity, mix, and shake well

2. A custom discount code for 15% off registration exclusively for those you personally invite to NWLC CA 2012

3. Official recognition as a member of the Street Team with links to all your online presence on the official page

4. The thrill of getting a NWLC CA 2012 pass for yourself at 50% off when 10 or more register with your code; or get yourself a completely free pass when 20 or more register with your code! (And there may be a few more additional bonuses down the road too!)

Those who you invite and attend will be blessed, you’ll be blessed, and we’ll all be blessed to do all that we do in Remembrance of Jesus!

This is an elite Street Team and we’re limiting it to 20 specially-selected members only! Excited? Enthusiastic? Apply to join our NWLC CA Street Team by filling out the form below:

Join the Street Team