The 2012 National Worship Leader Conference is a great place to participate, check out these opportunities below:

Song DISCovery Listening Panel
Present your latest worship song to a panel of experts, which will include songwriters and major publishers, for critique and the chance to get your song on an upcoming Song DISCovery CD. Bring your song on a CD along with 5 copies of the lyrics. Songs will be chosen at random.

Conference Choir
We will be having a conference choir in California that will be lead by Stan Endicott. The choir will be singing on Thursday night with Tommy Walker. The choir will be limited to 100 people. You will need to arrive in time for a rehearsal on Monday, October 8th from 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Dinner will be included)  Click here to sign up.

Prayer Team

Because we know and believe God still speaks, that he hears and answers prayer, we would like to invite those of you who are attending our North San Diego NWLC to be part of the conference prayer team. This is your conference and we want you to be part of it on every level.

If you decide to add your voice to ours, we will send you prayer requests weekly through October 5 (completing our list by adding your requests concerning the conference and those who are attending). During the week of the conference, we will meet for prayer at 8:00 am prior to the 9:00 am morning worship and keynote speakers each day. You are welcome to come one day or every day. Email to sign up.