Leonard Sweet → General Session Speaker

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Leonard Sweet is easily one of the most provocative and profound communicators in America today.”

A visionary, a minister, an author, a communicator, and a scholar, Leonard Sweet is easily one of the most provocative and profound communicators in America today. His multi-communicational understanding and keen insight to the ramifications of technology and culture on ministry and church leadership make him an indispensible contributor to the worship conversation. Sweet has joined us at three previous National Worship Leader Conferences and each time has engaged audiences with an intellectually precise, multimedia-infused, and emotionally dynamic presentation style. Sweet will challenge your ministry assumptions while also offering a roadmap of communication trends to keep you speaking the language of your congregation—and the congregation of tomorrow. Most importantly, Sweet is passionate about the centrality of Christ. Imaginative, creative, forward thinking, and deeply passionate about communicating Christ, Sweet will challenge and empower you and your ministry at NWLC CA.

–Jeremy Armstrong
managing editor of Worship Leader magazine

Leonard Sweet Bio:
Currently occupying the E. Stanley Jones Chair of Evangelism, Len served from 1995 to 2001 as Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Theological School at Drew University, Madison, New Jersey. He is also a Visiting Distinguished Professor at George Fox University in Portland, Oregon, and President Emeritus of United Theological Seminary. He is a weekly contributor to the online preaching resource, sermons.com. Author of more than two hundred articles, 1200 published sermons and almost forty books, Leonard is currently working on two textbooks: one on preaching and one on evangelism. His most recent book is So Beautiful: Divine Design for Life and the Church. The last two years Len has been voted by his peers as “One of the 50 Most Influential Christians in America” as polled by ChurchReport magazine. His free weekly podcast is called “Napkin Scribbles.”