Oceans of Melodies

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1-muchowBrandon Muchow

If you are loading the family in the minivan for summer vacation when you first hear Oceans of Melodies, you may find it difficult to separate many of the tunes from what’s usually playing on the local Christian radio station. The key is to settle in with this new release from a young artist. Then songs such as “Beautiful Mystery” will begin to distinguish Oceans of Melodies from the pack. The guitar is very James Taylor and the lyrics deep and thoughtful with range and passion. “Come Home” displays all that worship music and artistry should be with its elegant finger picking (acoustic guitar), dramatic storytelling, poignant message and personal plea. 

The subtle electronics found throughout have the right amount of edge without distracting and serve as a bridge between the traditional and contemporary. The brass and strings are well thought out and hats off to Tiago D’Errico who produces a musical masterpiece from start to finish. The right mix of orchestra, guitar and a menagerie of instruments make this California production thematic and focused. From the artwork to the titles, this project is worth a listen and deserving of a high recommendation.

More: Beautiful and rich release of brand new music that is sonically up-to-date and theologically wise beyond its years.

Less: Not much to say here, but I look forward to hearing Brandon Muchow Live.

Darryl Bryant
4.5 Stars 

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