O God Save Us All

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Lead vocalist Kevin Young has said, “I want to do things that have an eternal impact, and I believe that not only means pointing people to Christ, but bringing glory to him.” This is the heart behind the music, lyrics and mission of Disciple’s 10th record O God Save Us All. Disciple has delivered a well-crafted, hard-hitting, Christ-centered rock album. Many of the songs on this record have themes of repentance and redemption, calling the listener to surrender all they are to God and follow him with reckless abandon. Any of these songs would work well for a walk-in/walk-out mix for a youth service or contemporary venue. Songs like “Draw the Line,” “Kings,” or “Once and for All” could be used to set up a sermon series or drive home a message point. Not to mention this record is great for testing out your car’s sound system while driving to work or school. 

All in all this is a solid record that definitely continues Disciple’s long-standing reputation of creating great rock music that edifies the Church and draws listeners to a hope they can only find in Christ.

More: This is a very enjoyable record, with standout vocals, lyrics, and musical artistry.

Less: With the vocal and musical talent represented by Disciple, one more ballad  would have balanced things out nicely.

Jay Akins


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