One Voice – Micah Stampley

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WL Quick Tip: This complex album is as diverse as the people it calls to worship God with “One Voice.” You’ll enjoy this unique blend of styles full of passionate worship and outstanding vocals in your personal playlist.

The ethereal opening strains of Micah Stampley’s album, One Voice, will have you feeling like it’s “Heaven on Earth.” Micah wastes no time getting to the heart of this project: unity in Christ. “My vision for this particular album was to be a call to every culture, every nation, every race,” Stampley says. “Ministry should cater to people from all walks of life and my approach to this album was to be accommodating to those cultures…. The number one thing that we should be striving for is the love of Christ, and that’s the heart of this recording.”

Micah’s vocal range is impressive, his musical textures are rich, and his songs are full of passion and praises. He incorporates a wide range of styles in One Voice. You’ll hear a bit of R&B, a dash of praise and worship, a smattering of rock, and a whole lot of Gospel. You’ll enjoy the depth, richness, and flexibility in Micah’s singing, and the passion with which he praises the Lord, in spite of the slightly mechanical percussion. Micah’s lyrics are focused around a diverse congregation of people from around the globe, worshiping one God, with one voice.

Micah’s musical talents were evident at an early age, and helped him to escape the turmoil of the neighborhood where he lived. His musical influences include Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, and Michael W. Smith. This P.K. (preacher’s kid) was legally adopted by the King of Ghana, making him an earthly prince as well as a child of our heavenly King.

WL Playlist: “Hosanna,” “One Voice,” “Shout”

One Voice
Micah Stampley
Music World Gospel

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