Only King Forever

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Anthems are the only appropriate term for the music that flows from the vibrant worshiping community at Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Within that leaning you find solid emotive songs with lyrics that support the overall theme of the Kingship of our God. Supporting that vision, individual songs are hopeful (“I Will Look Up”); proclaim the victory of Christ over death (“Mighty Warrior”); and lift high the power in the name of Jesus (“Unto Your Name”). Despite the strong Christocentricity of Only King Forever, there is a notable absence of the Holy Spirit. With a little more intentionality on Trinitarian theology, there is no telling what this team could offer up to the global Church. That said, Elevation Worship is releasing the most consistent, high-quality congregational music in the American sonic landscape. Only King Forever is the first must-have of 2014.

Sounds like: Crescendo art-rock ala Jonsi and Sigur Ros meeting anthemic pop such as Coldplay and Snow Patrol. There is a heavy guitar drive with a nice touch of synth and creative atmospheric tones.

Top Songs
Most Singable:
“Glory Is Yours”

Strongest Biblical Content: “Last Word” – Themed on remembrance and the victory of Christ among us, wonderful communion song.

The Whole Package: “Only King Forever”

Resources: Free chord charts and lyrics, loops, and multiple video tutorials (see below for an example), the resources available really bring this worship album to the next level. Find them here. 

JA 4.5

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