Open Your Doors

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Jenny and Tyler

If you’ve heard Jenny and Tyler’s music before, expect a style completely different but equally enjoyable in their new album Open Your Doors. While this Nashville-based spousal duo resemble some great male/female outfits like The Weepies, Schuyler Fisk and Joshua Radin, and The Civil Wars, they haven’t been lost in a sea of musical monotony. Jenny and Tyler put forth a unique, enticing sound with unexpected harmonies and chord progressions paired well with contemplative lyrics that resonate deeply. From beginning to end Open Your Doors is a modern day Psalm in album form; taking the listener from a penitent “When Darkness Falls” to a victorious “See the Conqueror” that could move a congregation to tears of joy, ending appropriately with “Selah.” Jenny and Tyler reveal personal struggles in their faith by chronicling the past year of their life on the road in hopes that their “record will serve as an encouragement to the listener to open their hearts up to the Lord and find rest in his abiding love.”

More: This album’s simplicity in music and lyrics eloquently delivers a profound understanding of man’s failure and God’s salvation. Their live, acoustic sound including instruments such as the mandolin and xylophone give Jenny and Tyler a fresh stylistic edge that sets them apart amongst other Christian artists.

Less: Those who enjoy a more relaxed, acoustic, and folky sound have hit the jackpot with Jenny and Tyler, but if you are looking for something with high energy and a rock vibe, you won’t find that here.
4 stars
Lindsay Young

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