Our God Comes

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antiochAntioch Live

From the center of Texas comes a worship project by the people and for the people. The team at Antioch Live (in conjunction with their World Mandate conferences) have created a strongly evangelistic and outreach oriented group of songs that are heart-felt and high quality without being over-produced. The worship here has a church-next-door feel to it in some ways – imagine some of your more talented friends being given free-reign to come up with a wild variety of worship-based ideas, and it just might sound like this.

Sonically, Our God Comes runs the gamut, with nods to 80’s pop and 90’s worship music integrating with modern sounds, flowing piano and the occasional strings. Hooky synth pop fills alternate with Celtic-flavored guitar lines in the opening songs, segueing into the sweet vocals and simple piano of “God Who Saves,” “How Much More, “ and “I Will Raise.” Several ethereal interludes complete the package, taking the listener/worshiper on an expedition into the possibilities that can be unlocked with passionate and direction-filled worshipers.

More: A compelling mixture of ideas and a genuine outpouring of faith, all done by regular people (well, innovative and talented regular people).

Less: If American-Idol style big vocals and hyper-production is what you’re looking for, this isn’t the place. 

Greg Wallace
3.5 stars

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