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Heather Clark
Jesus Culture Music

Those of us who work with artists have all met people like Heather Clark at some time or other. Not a singer, or a visual artist, or a dancer, or a writer—but someone who does it all. Hailing from British Columbia, Clark has a solid check in the “all of the above” category listing. The question is, with such a diversity of interests, how will the music side of things sound? Pretty doggone good, it turns out. Overcome mixes a solidly modern sound with a touch of a retro feel, bringing to mind a sort of cross between Natalie Merchant and some of the best music of the Passion projects. Ambient washes of sound and big guitars alternate with simple and straightforward arrangements to provide a complete worship experience.

 More: Solidly God-focused? Check. Catchy and singable? Check. Cool instrumental arrangements? Check. There is some quality worship music happening here.

 Less: Lyrically, much of the music seems to be written from a meditative mindset. If you’re not in that mindset at the time, however, the repetition can simply seem, well, repetitive.

 4 stars

–Greg Wallace


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