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August 27th, 2013 saw the release of Mandisa’s highly anticipated seventh album, Overcomer. This is without a doubt the most positive and reassuring album of the year! Mandisa has taken real life stories, such as ABC’s Good Morning America host Robin Roberts’ health struggles, and turned them into musical inspiration on multiple levels.

The title track opens the album with encouragement Mandisa derives from stories of people whose lives have faced unthinkable struggles, yet have overcome with incredible fortitude and faith. The record never lets up in telling the story of achievement over adversity for those who believe in the One who is greater than their problems. Mandisa expertly offers different variations on pop music themes throughout the album, while always sounding fresh and new.

Overcomer is a perfect testimony for those needing a transformed outlook. “That’s What Scars Are For” reminds us that everything we go through is a lesson to be learned: we can continue being faithful though we experience pain that leaves marks. With the poignant, “Praying For You,” Mandisa speaks for a generation of women who long to be loved, without sacrificing purity. This one song has the potential to change the tide of promiscuity in America. If you have a daughter, buy Overcomer for this song alone and “gift” it to her.

As part of your personal listening collection, Overcomer is the go to album when you need a lift out of the doldrums. Deep, while not sounding overly preachy or melodically repetitive.

More: This is a must buy album for everyone. Incredible start to finish.

Less: absolutely nothing.

Randy Cross
4.5 stars


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