Passion 2013: The Songs Birthed From A Movement

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Passion Con 2
Passion 2013
The Songs Birthed From A Movement
By Lindsay Williams

The Passion movement has become synonymous with some of the greatest worship leaders of our time. Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, Christy Nockels, Matt Redman, David Crowder and Charlie Hall rang in the New Year by leading 60,000 college students in brand-new anthems at Passion 2013 held at Atlanta’s Georgia Dome, January 1-4. Each year, songs are written with 18-25 year-old attendees in mind specifically for the Passion conference. The songs debuted at Passion generally have a powerful life all their own extending far beyond the four-day event, but it’s these students who get to hear them first. Last year’s Passion conference brought the Church the Grammy-nominated “White Flag,” while recent years have birthed songs such as “All My Fountains,” “Waiting Here for You” and “Our God.”

The powerful music serves as one piece in a larger picture of the Passion movement. In addition to worship, students learn how they can fight the injustices of the world and raise money for a cause bigger than themselves. This year, the cause was modern-day slavery in all its forms. Passion also includes teaching from some of the world’s most revered leaders and Bible teachers, including this year’s line-up of Beth Moore, Francis Chan, Judah Smith, John Piper and Gary Haugen. And of course, speaker/author/pastor and Passion Conference founder Louie Giglio serves as one of the primary speakers as well as the conference’s host.

January 1, 2013
Louie Giglio Passion
The first session on the night of January 1 began with a high-energy set list from the core Passion leaders followed by a passionate opening message from Giglio. Several new songs were debuted on the first night, including the powerful “Once And For All,” sure to be a stand-out chorus worship leaders worldwide will soon be integrating into their Sunday morning gatherings. The chorus is a bold declaration of faith: “We believe our God is Jesus/ We believe that He is Lord/ We believe that He has saved us from sin and death once and for all…”

Following the debut of this prolific anthem, Giglio took the stage to welcome everyone and said, “It’s a new song, but you sound like you’ve been singing it your whole life.”

Session 1 Set List (Evening)
“Not Ashamed” (Kristian Stanfill)
“Once And For All” (Chris Tomlin)*
“Shout” (Chris Tomlin)*
“Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)” (Chris Tomlin)
“We Glorify Your Name” (Christy Nockels)*
“Waiting Here for You” (Chris Tomlin & Christy Nockels)
“We Glorify Your Name” Reprise (Christy Nockels)
“Burning in My Soul” (Brett Younker)*
“Our God” (Chris Tomlin)

Speaker: Louie Giglio

“Here’s My Heart, Lord” (David Crowder)
“Lord Our God” (Kristian Stanfill)*

*New song; all song titles have not been finalized and are subject to change.

January 2, 2013
Matt Passion
The first full day of the conference kicked off with a lively set from Matt Redman. The celebrated singer/songwriter played “Jesus Only Jesus,” a song which seemed to resonate deeply with the audience with its truth-filled lyrics declaring the character of the only One who can save us and set us free. He commenced his set with one of the biggest songs of last year, “10,000 Reasons,” Redman’s first No. 1 at Adult Contemporary radio. Based on the loud roar of the crowd, it was obvious this song remains a fan favorite. “Matt just wanted to write a song that will worship Jesus, and it turns out all of you wanted to sing it, too,” Shelley Giglio commented following Redman’s rousing performance.

charlie hall passion
The afternoon session saw Charlie Hall perform a poignant set of some of his most beloved songs, reiterating what a gifted, underrated leader and songwriter he truly is. His spin on The City Harmonic’s “Manifesto” set the tone for his portion of the day. He sang the title track to his upcoming new album, “The Death of Death,” with lyrics that proclaim the truth of our salvation: “Man has sinned but God has saved…At the death of death where love and justice kiss…” His set concluded with “Revive Us Again,” an old hymn Hall covers on his forthcoming project. Brought to life in front of 60,000 students, Hall’s version of this powerful song brought one of the loudest, high-octane responses of the entire event.

Kristian Stanfill Passion
The evening sessions are always the biggest at Passion, and this year’s night sessions were no exception. Following a moving video showcasing highlights of last year’s conference and the successive world tour that followed, core Passion leaders emerged on stage singing “White Flag.” “Come to the Water” and “Children of Light,” new songs led by Kristian Stanfill, were definitely met with enthusiastic clapping and shouting; while his rendition of “In Christ Alone” closing out that round of songs, brought down the house.

Christy Nockels lent her beautiful voice to “My Delight”/ “Refiner’s Fire,” creating one of the most reverent moments of the evening. Without a doubt, the best received song of the night (and possibly the highlight of the conference) was Chris Tomlin’s updated version of Martin Smith’s “God’s Great Dance Floor.” Not only did the song find everyone in the entire Georgia Dome jumping up and down, but Tomlin even had a mariachi player join him on stage. Youth events worldwide will be carrying the banner of this anthem throughout all of 2013. The popular song can be found on Tomlin’s brand-new album, Burning Lights (sixsteps), releasing this week.

The night ended with icing on the cake—a mini concert by Jesus Culture. As one of the foremost worship movements to come out of the emerging church, Jesus Culture hails from Redding, Calif., and promises to be one of the most talked-about artists of the year in the vein of Hillsong United. The group ended their charismatic set with “One Thing Remains.” The lyrics echoed throughout the dome as those gathered belted out one of the most widely-sung choruses of current modern worship: “Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me.

Session 2 Set List  (Morning)
“We Are the Free” (Matt Redman)
“Shout” (Matt Redman)
“Here For You” (Matt Redman)
“Jesus Only Jesus” (Matt Redman)*
“10,000 Reasons” (Matt Redman)

 Speaker: Beth Moore

“Jesus Only Jesus” Reprise (Matt Redman)

Session 3 Set List (Afternoon)
“Manifesto” (Charlie Hall)
“Crowned” (Charlie Hall)
“Mystery” (Charlie Hall)
“The Death of Death” (Charlie Hall)*
“Revive Us Again” (Charlie Hall) 

Session 4 Set List (Evening)
“White Flag” (Chris Tomlin)
“God’s Great Dance Floor” (Chris Tomlin)*
“Come to the Water” (Kristian Stanfill)*
“Children of Light” (Kristian Stanfill)*
“Shout” (Chris Tomlin)*
“My Delight”/”Refiner’s Fire” (Christy Nockels)*
“In Christ Alone” (Kristian Stanfill)

Speaker: Francis Chan

“Your Love Never Fails” (Jesus Culture)
“Holy Spirit” (Jesus Culture)
“Walk With Me” (Jesus Culture)
“Alleluia” (Jesus Culture)
“One Thing Remains” (Jesus Culture)

*New song; all song titles have not been finalized and are subject to change.

January 3, 2013
David Crowder Passion
David Crowder woke attendees up on the third day of Passion with his beautiful stripped-down set first thing Thursday morning. While his set wasn’t completely acoustic, it was filled with organic instrumentation that allowed attendees a glimpse into what seems to be his new earthy direction as a solo artist. His opening song, “My Beloved,” was a poetic cut filled with earth tones and Crowder’s emotive vocals. The songs that followed were all sparse versions of David Crowder*Band cuts. “How He Loves” continues to have shelf-life if the crowd’s response was any indication. And his foot-stomping renditions of “I Saw the Light” and “I’ll Fly Away” proved to be a highlight. The biggest surprise of his set was the powerful anthem “Because He Lives,” originally written by revered songwriters Bill and Gloria Gaither.

Following a message from Seattle’s City Church Pastor Judah Smith, the core Passion leaders returned for a few selections. “Burning in My Soul” was a new song repeated from an earlier session. The song was led by Brett Younker, a relatively new face to Passion who, incidentally, happens to be married to Louie and Shelley Giglio’s niece. Brett was instrumental in writing several of the songs for Passion, and it appears he has been welcomed into the Passion fold as an up-and-coming leader. As a part of the current Passion City Church worship team, he will definitely be a rising songwriter to watch in the coming year.

The evening session on Thursday night is easily the most highly-anticipated session of the whole conference, and it began in majestic fashion. An introductory video proclaiming Scriptural truths about Christ played on the jumbotrons with a live symphony orchestra providing the soundtrack below. The lovely instrumental music led into “Burning Lights,” the artistic intro on Tomlin’s new album. The intro seamlessly fused into “Awake My Soul,” which found Tomlin collaborating with unlikely special guest Lecrae. The award-winning rapper’s set that followed had the crowd in mild pandemonium, complete with the event’s biggest production.

Lecrae wasn’t the only guest to round out the evening. Kari Jobe joined Tomlin on “Crown Him (Majesty),” quite possibly one of the most stunning tracks debuted. (Fans can also find the cut on Tomlin’s new Burning Lights.) She then led the arena in the tried-and-true, yet still powerful “Revelation Song.”

“American Idol’s” Colton Dixon also made an appearance, leading “Jesus Paid It All” on piano. Later on, Tomlin led “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies),” his current radio single and a song that saw early response when he debuted it the first evening.

Session 5 Set List (Morning)
“My Beloved” (David Crowder)*
“O Praise Him (All This for a King)” (David Crowder)
“How He Loves” (David Crowder)
“After All (Holy)” (David Crowder)
“I Saw the Light”/”I’ll Fly Away” (David Crowder)
“Because He Lives” (David Crowder) 

Speaker: Judah Smith

“Once and For All” (Chris Tomlin)*
“Burning in My Soul” (Brett Younker)*

Session 6 Set List (Afternoon)
“Children of Light”-acoustic version (Kristian Stanfill)* 

Speaker: Panel discussion about slavery

Session 7 Set List (Evening)
“Awake My Soul” (Chris Tomlin & Lecrae)*
“Don’t Waste Your Life” (Lecrae)
“Go Hard” (Lecrae)
“40 Deep” (Lecrae)
“God Is Enough” (Lecrae)
“Get Low” (Lecrae)
“Background” (Lecrae)
“I Know” (Lecrae)
“Tell the World” (Lecrae)
“Once And for All” (Chris Tomlin)*
“Jesus Only Jesus” (Matt Redman)*
“Crown Him (Majesty)” (Chris Tomlin & Kari Jobe)*
“Revelation Song” (Kari Jobe)

Speaker: John Piper

“Jesus Paid It All” (Colton Dixon)
“Lord Our God” (Kristian Stanfill)*
“Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)” (Chris Tomlin)
“We Glorify Your Name” (Chris Tomlin)*

*New song; all song titles have not been finalized and are subject to change.

January 4, 2013
Tomlin Passion
The final session was a huge sing-a-long meant to sear the new songs learned at this year’s Passion conference into the minds and hearts of those present. Almost all of the original songs presented at Passion 2013, which had been repeated throughout the sessions, comprised the last session’s set list. One of the biggest songs to come out of Passion 2013 will inevitably be “Shout,” an anthem led by Tomlin with a chorus that cries, “Let justice roll like a river.” It’s a song that coincided with the stories of freedom told throughout the conference—cries of injustice and pleas for freedom to the 27 million slaves throughout the world. At the end of the conference, Passion launched its “In It to End It” campaign, a movement to end modern-day slavery. (Join the movement and learn more at

Those who don’t fall into the 18-25 year-old category will eagerly await the new Passion release. At press time, the track listing was still undetermined; however, based on the songs debuted at the Georgia Dome, this year’s Passion album is sure to be another landmark release gifting the church with some of 2013’s most powerful anthems. The yet-to-be-titled Passion recording is tentatively slated for release on March 12, 2013. The latest information about Passion and the songs birthed from this movement can be found at

Session 8 Set List (Morning)
“Children Of Light” (Kristian Stanfill)*
“Come to the Water” (Kristian Stanfill)*
“We Glorify Your Name” (Christy Nockels)*
“Burning in My Soul” (Brett Younker)*

Speaker: Louie Giglio

“Once And For All” (Chris Tomlin)*
“Jesus Only Jesus” (Matt Redman)*
“Lord Our God” (Kristian Stanfill)*

Speaker: Louie and Shelley Giglio (total numbers and wrap-up) 

“Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)” (Chris Tomlin)
“Shout” (Chris Tomlin)*
“God’s Great Dance Floor” (Chris Tomlin)*

*New song; all song titles have not been finalized and are subject to change.


Lindsay Williams is the former editor of CCM Magazine and a freelance writer residing in Nashville, Tenn. She writes for Nashville Lifestyles, HomeLife, ParentLife,, http://www.watchgmctv.comand blogs at

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    1. Great conference, it was wonderful for me to read this and I pray to the Lord to bless you in all throughout 2013! May God bless America and May God bless Romania too!

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    2. Thank you for the list of songs. I was blessed to watch the live feed and catch up on the sessions I missed. The music was awesome and the speakers were a blessing.

    3. Thank you so much for posting this, I went this year and literally loved every second of everyday I spent amongst all the amazing artists, speaker and college students. I lead worship for my youth group and i intend to do every song because each and every one was so immensely powerful. Thanks again!

    4. At the beginning of the conference (night Frances Chan spoke), there was an orchestral anthem played during video. Does anyone know the name of the piece? THX.

    5. Would love to tend this someday! Anyone know how I could do so? Or where it may be in 2014 & who I could contact to know more about it?

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