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Planning Center Online

The folks over at Planning Center just can’t stop tinkering with things… The Planning Center basic subscription program, for those unfamiliar, is a combination service order and volunteer scheduling program specifically designed to aid worships teams in organizing and staffing services. It revolutionized the planning of services—helping thousands of even the most “organizationally challenged” worship leaders get their acts together.

The latest of these tinkerings is Planning Center Projector. Projector is a basic program designed to do just what it says: project (in this case lyrics, Scripture, etc). With versatile programs like ProPresenter and the like available, why jump into an already crowded market, you may ask. The heart of the Planning Center model has been practicality and cost effectiveness, and this is where Projector shines. Projector is meant to be an inexpensive, basic presentation software package—as with all Planning Center products, users pay a monthly fee and access all programs from “the cloud.”

It’s in conjunction with the base Planning Center program where the true value of Projector lies. A “lyrics & chord chart generator” is built into Planning Center’s website. Through it, you are able to enter lyrics, chords, etc to create chord charts. Projector takes these charts, and removes the musical portion to create slides. This process is specially tailored to work on iPads or iPhones, in addition to personal computers, making “on the fly” editing easy.

The program is brand new—so new, in fact, that several features were still in the process of being added as this issue of Worship Leader went to print. According to the PC staff, several cool features are about to be added to the mix. Expanded formatting and layout options will allow various fonts, colors, and sizes for a completely customizable look. Quick Alerts will allow short “in slide” messages—especially useful for child calls. The ability to synch multiple devices is another promising development on the horizon (using an iPad or iPhone, up to 30 other devices can be remote controlled in a variety of modes). Partnerships with and create additional value and build excitement for whatever tinkerings the Planning Center team send our way next.


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