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  1. Advent – How the world needs Christ and his return. And how the rest of the world wants to jump straight to Christmas without reflecting on where and why the world needs Christ to return. They can’t wait a month (let alone 9 months) for the baby to be birthed.

    All Saints Day – How we celebrate the saints who have come before (not Catholic saints, but the faithful people who have built churches, taught children, encouraged youth, gathered for bible study, gone out in mission, collected food for hungry, worked for social justice, etc)

    World Communion Sunday – We gather at the Lord’s table with sisters and brothers from all continents, worshiping the same God and receiving the sacrament.

    Stewardship – It is a holy privilege to be able to give in Jesus’ name; to reflect on what we have received and for which we are caretakers and commit to offering first fruits of that as our offering/tithe. (We all need to give, even those who don’t have much)

    ML King Jr/Race Relations –
    Souper Bowl of Caring (Millioons of youth collect at the doors of churches on Super Bowl Sunday – for hunger. Google it. Great story!

    Ash Wednesday
    Holy Humor
    Earth Day
    Older Adults
    Immigration (“I was a wandering Aramean”)
    Rural life
    Disability Inclusion
    Domestic Violence Awareness
    World Food Day
    Earth Day
    Reformation Sunday

    • More songs that put God and Jesus in the 2nd person, i.e. I/me/we/us to You – yesterday today and forever You are the same You never change and we will trust in You, instead of 3rd person singing to each other of God, i.e. He is He was He always be. So many songs are written as a message to the congregation, it seems harder and harder to find good songs to collectively display praise and worship to God. Especially with more and more churches setting their repertoire to the Billboard Christian chart that contemporary Christian radio plays.
      More songs about the cross-reach within the church, that we belong to each other, share our burdens with each other, care for each other, lift each other up, encourage each other to live upright and righteous lives, confront and gently correct sin and keep each other from using salvation as an excuse to do wicked things.
      More songs that the ground is level and its not supposed to matter if we’re male or female, old or young, rich or poor, married or single, barren or fertile. No one is better or more important than anyone else.

      • The above comment was intended as a general reply to the poll, not a reply to Kathy. Must’ve clicked the wrong place. Sorry Kathy!

  2. Surprisingly I find it hard to find songs on the Holy Spirit that have been written in the last 10 years or so (lots of old 70′s and 80′s ones that feel pretty dated). I’m always looking for good new songs on Baptism, and never seem to find enough on the church as a body that needs each other & works together.

  3. We have a ton of songs about God’s love, but we don’t have many about His need for justice. We have rebelled against a Holy God who requires perfection and we have messed it up. Therefore someone has to pay the price, whether it’s us or Jesus, He has to be just. (Exodus 34:7)

  4. I have a hard time finding GOOD songs about God’s mercy and other attributes that don’t take a personal (sentimental) approach (I know, I trust, I feel, We see…). More songs that declare God’s ways without making it about me/us so directly. Something along the line of “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise,” but for this day and instrumentation. And I do use the updates of those classics.

  5. We don’t need songs ABOUT anything, we just need songs that are rooted in Biblical truth–songs that are paraphrased words of God that help us remember the truths presented in scripture. If we had a song for every verse of the Bible, we would have a song about every topic we need to be singing about in a church setting.

  6. The greatest need I have found is laments. We don’t lament in our singing. There should be songs written to cry out to God lamenting who we are and the effects of sin in this world. Those laments draw us to God.

  7. We need to go back to the basics and I’m not talking just hymns. The basics of singable songs for the everyday person that walks into our churches. We are losing them with how difficult we have made our singing. Make them singing, word based, in a key that everyone can sing, and not to many words. Less is more. LOL!

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