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The Welcome Wagon
Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices
Asthmatic Kitty
Monique and Vito Aiuto, a “folk gospel duet,” are back with a slew of contributors including Sufjan Steven (who produced their previous release). Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices is an evocative, quirky collection of prayer, lament, romance, and celebration. Vito, Pastor of Brooklyn’s Resurrection Presbyterian Church, describes their latest foray as having “a liturgical structure, ordered loosely like a worship service.” This may not be “your” worship service, but it comprises psalms, songs of communion, joy, and sober reflection, original and adapted, from a cloud of witnesses: Vito Aiuto, the Psalmist David, Charles Wesley, David Crowder, The Cure, and John Donne, among others. Adorned with everything that has breath, from the human voice to harmonicas, accordions, clarinets, and trombones, plus a passel of stringed instruments—and percussion (glockenspiel anyone), Remedies awakens spirit, heart, and mind.

More: In a sea of sameness, the adventurous creativity of Remedies is indeed “welcome.” The theological perspective of bridging our liturgies and Sunday reality with real life reflected in the music also reflects Christ in the Gospels. Vito mines history for lyrical gems to display in a new musical setting. Best of all, The Welcome Wagon encourages us to be human with weeping and whimsy, and an invitation to sing—together.

Less: Because of its quirky musical nature, the mainstream of Christianity will likely miss this excellent collection of songs and artists.

4.5 Stars

–Andrea Hunter


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