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Author: Randy Cross

From one of the innovators of Bible software, comes the next stage in computer technology for anyone desiring to use collaborative efforts in the development of presentations for worship services of any sort. Logos Bible Software introduces Proclaim. October 2011’s “Best of the Best” edition of Worship Leader introduced this new addition to presentation technology as an “intriguing” cloud-based application.  Anyone on your team has access to the presentation as Proclaim has a free smartphone app. This allows anyone involved with the service to be able to preview it from their phone and make additions as necessary. Proclaim is available as an annual subscription based on your church attendance.

More: Proclaim communicates in more than just a visual way. It features the ability to send messages to mobile devices when a specific slide is placed on screen. The Proclaim store allows the user access to image partners who are making their content available at their standard prices.

Less:  If you have been using presentation software for any period of time, your current software files will not transfer. The only files that can be transferred are CCLI files. Updates will feature the ability to transfer services from Planning Center Online.

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