Quilter Micropro 200 Review

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Quilter MicroPro 200
Function: Guitar Amplifier
Price: $899-$1299
What’s New: 200 watts…8″ speaker…19 lb…an oxymoron?  Not quite.  This is the brand new MicroPro 200 guitar amplifier from Quilter labs.  The MicroPro is a 200 watt solid state combo amp with an 8″ speaker in a closed back cabinet.  The amp features 2 channels, the first with an xlr and quarter inch input controlled by just one volume knob, and a second channel that has almost any control you can imagine.  Featuring independent volume and gain controls, channel 2 has inputs for active or passive pickups, a 3 band EQ, a limiter, trem, reverb amount and dwell, presence, and boost controls to shape a huge amount of tones in one amp.  Included in the package is a footswitch that allows switching from channels, turning on and off the effects and activating the effects loop.  Don’t let the fact that it’s Solid State scare you away, the MicroPro is quite possibly the best solid state amp I’ve ever heard.  Using brand new technology unique to Quilter labs, the MicroPro uses Class D amplification with a few of their own modifications.  The amp uses 100 watts per channel but leaves a lot of “unused” power that gives the speaker a warm, live sound that replicates the sound of a vintage tube amp incredibly well.  The cleans are warm and punchy, reminiscent of a blackface Fender Deluxe, and the natural overdrive is smooth and full, covering tones all the way from a tweed Champ to a blackface Bassman.  The MicroPro really blew me away in its sound quality and replication of tube warmth and dynamic.  The biggest difference between the sound of the MicroPro and that of a tube amp is the fact that the MicroPro sound is a lot clearer than the latter.  The MicroPro outputs every note and frequency in a perfect range of sound that most people aren’t used to hearing; it’s almost startling at first to hear such a clear, dynamic range of sound, but put it in the mix with a band and it sounds perfect and cuts extremely well.  These features also make the MicroPro a terrific keyboard amplifier.  A great feature of the MicroPro 200 is the fact that since it’s solid state, it sounds great at virtually any volume.  It’s the perfect church stage amp because it’s louder than any 12″ tube combo of its size, but still sounds great almost all the way down.  The first channel also has an xlr input, allowing a guitar player to accompany a singer with just one amp.  Versatile at soft and loud volumes, light enough to carry with one finger, great sound quality and terrific features make the Quilter MicroPro 200 a great amp for any stage. 

For more information about the MicroPro 200 visit: www.quilterlabs.com

-Andy Toy

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    2 comments on “Quilter Micropro 200 Review

    1. I just bough the studio version and should get it soon. I will be playing a Gretsch Falcon and a PRS Hollowbody II through so I will let you know how it goes. I play in six piece LifeTeen band and it gets pretty loud. Hope the amp holds up. I just can’t carry my Carr Rmabler around anymore, too heavy.

    2. It is plenty loud, I barely have to go 1/4 of the way up in band practice. I love this amp. I would go on and on, but the reviewer really says it all, much more succinctly than I would manage. So I will just say, this review really nails it. All true.

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