Rebel Transmission

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New Day Christian

Rebel Transmission is the latest release from award-winning Canadian Christian pop/soul band Newworldson, and it is packed with their signature smorgasbord of styles including gospel, R&B, jazz, reggae, and even a little doo-wop and big band swing. This eclectic group definitely has a flair for the retro, yet they also have tracks with a current pop sound, as can be heard on the radio single “Learning to Be the Light.” Each track is a surprise, and there really isn’t anything else quite like this sound out there today. It’s an album with a fresh sound, led by frontman Joel Parisien and the band, along with the critically acclaimed Chops Horns. Standout tracks include “Homeless Child,” “Old Time Religion,” and “Southern Cross.”

 More: This innovative, artistic group has produced a highly polished collection of songs with a wide range of styles that draws the listener in, delivering a message of hope and surrender.

Less: Newworldson seems to excel at the retro soul styles, while the pop tracks fall a bit short in comparison.

4 stars

–Barry Westman

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