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Jeremy Camp1Jeremy Camp
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As his 7th recorded studio album and with 32 No. 1 radio hits, a Grammy nomination, and multiple Dove Awards, Camp mentions that if God were to ask him to give up music and surrender everything, he would. This record tackles the journey that surrender in lieu of a life with Christ entails. Reckless is familiar to Camp’s distinctive style of pure rock with strong vocals and heavy electric guitar and drums, but this time adds a twist of elaborated rhythms and melodies that bring more attention to strings, piano, and synth—an acoustic approach that wasn’t as present in his past albums. Among the best of Reckless are “Reckless” and “Free”—songs that contain proper rise and fall structure and carry enticing melodies as well as a catchy hook.

More: Camp’s fervent heart for ministry and for God is evident through the songs and the production of the album. Reckless is honest and heartfelt, and carries some songs that would be useful in the church.

Less: There are times when an adjustment in instrumental arrangement and musicality would make the record stronger and more dynamic.

Lindsay Young

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