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Warren Barfield
Noble Mountain Records

Warren Barfield has a special voice and a wonderful touch on guitar. The album Redbird highlights Warren’s rich baritone that is both down home blues with the right touch of southern gospel balladeer. “The Right Time” has powerful lyrics and could be as comfortable on a country station as a Top 40 worship station. “Love Does” is an off tempo melody that is energetic and spring fresh with a wonderful blend of banjo and mandolin that adds flavor without over cooking. It is pleasing to hear an indie artist that express both faith and artistry without the over-produced fair of late.

Redbird is a fulfilling journey that brings you along one song at a time with great songwriting and reverence that makes listening both a joy and a lesson in taking life one day at a time. “They Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To” is reflective of what gospel is meant to be—sung with feeling and a timeless nostalgia. The entire CD flows well and the collaboration with Megan Barfield on “Once You Find Love” begs for more of her voice on future projects.

More: “They Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To” the heartfelt vocals and acoustic guitar made me reach for my strings and play along. Please, more Megan on future releases. She complements in every sense of the word.

Less: Not much to say here, but followers probably wouldn’t mind it if Warren really let loose on a song or two. 

4 Stars
Darryl Bryant


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