Release the Panic

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Sony/Essential Records

RED is a Nashville-based rock band with Michael Barnes on vocals, Anthony Armstrong playing lead and rhythm guitar, Randy Armstrong on bass and Joe Rickard on drums. Release the Panic is unapologetically Metal Rock and having interviewed many teenagers and youth leaders, this CD hits them right between the eyes and challenges the listener to look deeply at the world they live in and make sense of it. “Perfect Life” and “Die for You” growl and bring the latest in production, mixing and technology delivering ear piercing conviction to an audience that has all but been ignored. After first blush, Release the Panic is not just a statement but also an indictment on the sinner and complacent alike.

“Same Disease” and “So Far Away” belie traditional thinking, striking with both a force and creativity that throw caution to the wind and ask the real questions that many only address behind closed doors. For youth pastors who have been seeking a connection to the real world of both metal and a bit of screamo, this it!

This is not the condescending fair of the past with Christian lyrics bathed in rock music but the real deal. “Glass Houses” is as convincing and passionate as it gets and gets to the heart of the matter of eternity. The instrumentation and production are convincing and convicting with a “ don’t turn your back” and “in your face” quality that are uncompromising. This project definitely “releases the panic” in a spiritual menagerie that won’t easily break.

More: Songs like “Glass Houses” and “So Far Away” bring clarity and thoughtful and lyrical reflection to the worship palette with crossover appeal for the serious rock and Metal Listening audience.

Less: Not much to say here. This project pierces the listener right through the heart, which I hope is the point.

4 Stars
Darryl Bryant

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