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1-rescue-reviewJosh Fox
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Josh Fox is a California-based worship leader who keeps his acoustic guitar out front and allows the music to build around him. Rescue is simple and yet there is this thoughtful undercurrent that begins to swell as the album unfolds. It is easy to see why David Crowder calls Josh’s music “inspirational.” The title track “Rescue Me” and “Creator God” have sing-along appeal generating an urge to reach for the lyric sheet and join in. Raised in Humboldt County, California, Josh learned the art of musical worship early and started out in youth ministry. “Your Name” co-written with Jesse West, Jason Ingram, and producer Paul Mabury is just plain beautiful. It so captures the CD’s theme of God’s relentless pursuit of us that it was difficult to turn the repeat button off and finish reviewing this elegant project.

Rescue is a sincere journey that pulls in the strings and keys at the right time. And the songwriting and arrangements are a thoughtful blend of worship with just the right touch of Nashville. “Here and Now” is a personal favorite and “As we Wait” closes out the album with a subtle choir joining in and flawless cello (the latter sprinkled throughout the album). Josh Fox is a worship leader and each song reflects the heart of someone looking to connect you with the pursuit of God and his pursuit of you.

More: Songs like “Here and Now and “Creator God” are easy listening and sing-along ready. Rescue Me is a purpose-driven album from start to finish.

Less: Structure, at times it would be great to hear Fox paint outside the lines.

3.5 Stars
Darryl Bryant

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    2. Josh’s album has been so much fun to listen to! I love all of the songs, especially “Your Joy” and “Rescue”, and the first song… “You are my shepherd.” “Your Joy” has been listened to over and over by the kids in my circle and I plan to let a nine year old sing it in church as I back her up on guitar and vocals. She is addicted to it! I’ve known Josh since I was in 12th grade when we sang in choir, youth band, and started a Christian club on campus. He was the real deal back then and he still is today and his heart for God is reflected throughout his songwriting. PS- So funny that I had to think of another title for my last album. I was going to call mine “Radiant” until I got an announcement about his new album “Radiant.” So I called mine “Radiance.”

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