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Praise and Worship Drumming



Company: Jeffery Jones

Posted July 12, 2013 by

Function: Drum Instructional Videos

Price: $24.99

What’s New: New to drums but eager to learn?  Praise and Worship Drumming: An Inspirational Guide to Drum Instruction may be just right for you.  A two-volume set, Volume 1 of Praise and Worship Drumming covers all the basics of drumming, including stick grip, rudiments, time signatures, dynamics and fills.  Volume 2 focuses primarily on playing the basics of different musical styles, such as rock, jazz, country, and shuffles.  Both volumes provide clear examples of drumming technique specific to a worship context, providing original worship songs as examples on the DVD (available with and without drum tracks as a free download with purchase of the DVD).  Drum artist and instructor Jeffrey Jones gives great examples of drumming technique and form and tastefully demonstrates how to play drums in a worship context.  Where Praise and Worship Drumming really shines is in teaching the basics.  Many drum instructional videos spend a lot of time on fills, double bass patterns, and speed techniques, and the attention to rudimentary detail in Praise and Worship Drumming is refreshing and essential.  Praise and Worship Drumming is a great resource and perfect for beginners and aspiring drummers.  Visit drumsandstuff.com for more information about Praise and Worship Drumming and other products.


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