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Company: Musicademy
Release Date: Mar 12, 2012

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More: Excellent bang-for-the-buck—an extremely useful tool for small worship teams or soloists. A decent (more than 100) selection of well-known worship songs. Vocal cues are well-placed and very helpful.

Less: No Firefox support (all other major browsers are supported, though). Somewhat confusing song download process.

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he advent of digital multi-track technology has opened up a slew of doors for worship leaders. The problem many times is that those doors can often be expensive to open. Arriving on the scene is Worship Backing Band, a downloadable multi-track player created specifically with the budget-conscious church/worship team in mind. The player allows solo musicians or small groups to augment their sound by adding in up to 10 tracks of various instruments and backing vocals.

Users download a multi-track player (Mac or PC compatible versions are available), and then choose the individual songs they are interested in for individual purchase and download. Songs are inexpensive (less many times than what you might pay for a decent chart) and represent a good cross-section of modern worship, including Tomlin, Redman, etc. While the songs are not the original master recordings, the quality is good, and many “bells and whistles” are included to give each song the feel of a large band.

Once the player and songs are downloaded, the fun begins. Each song has full instrumental tracking, including lead vocals, backing vocals and spoken vocal cues perfect for those with in-ear monitor capability. Each track is individually mixable (in mono/mono to allow for variable house and monitor mixes) and mutable. Each track can also be soloed to help musicians to be able to learn the appropriate matching parts.


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