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Featuring instrumentation that leans heavily on an electronica feel, the first half of Restart reaffirms the rock/pop history of Newsboys and their high-energy music. The timely “This Is How You Change the World” is the perfect example of how to launch an album when you want to get someone’s attention. This isn’t just fun music, but lyrics that drive home the purpose that we as Christians embrace. The entire atmosphere of the record is anchored by the poignant, yet powerful “That Home”—a song that reflects the past while also envisioning a wonderful future. The album ends with a song that is reminiscent of Rich Mullins, “Creed.” The anthemic “We Believe” serves as a restatement of faith that all believers could use as encouragement and reinforcement for their faith.

More: Restart is a wonderful album from start to finish. It’s electronica start only reinforces the more reflective songs that follow and creates a great balance overall.

Less: The musical style of the first four songs is very similar. While this beautifully sets up the more acoustic leaning songs, it may feel repetitive to the casual listener.

Randy Cross
4 stars

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