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Remedy Drive
Centricity Music

It is not often that Rock ’n’ Roll occupies the same space as such heavyweight Church fathers as C.S. Lewis, but Remedy Drive takes the heart of his theology and makes it live renewed in rock music. This must be their specialty, as aptly-titled Resuscitate is a glorious debut of an old band made new again. Remedy Drive is high-energy and highly driven. Resuscitate also reveals beautiful moments of purposeful clarity juxtaposed to plaintive unison cries of feeling lost, sparkling piano, cleverly spun lyrics, hard-hitting drums, and well-crafted vocal lines that come together to spread a light in the darkness of this world. 

As beauty rises from the ashes, so did the new Remedy Drive rise from the ashes of a broken band. Once the upcoming band to hear, with Dove-award nominations and seven weeks of chart-topping music among their accolades, it crumbled as lead singer David’s band/brothers all prayerfully decided to give up the touring life for time with their families. David’s heart was broken, but with his brothers’ blessings, he rebuilt the band. And once again, Remedy Drive is the breakthrough band to watch, back on the charts and back on the stage. 

More: Remedy Drive’s Resuscitate is strikingly appealing, both musically and emotionally, as it lights up the darkness. Listen to tracks “Better than Life,” “Lost Cause,” and “Resuscitate.”

Less: time between releases.

5 stars
Amanda Furbeck

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