Roots for the Journey

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Roots For The Journeystarted as an idea by Yancy to write some songs for her son based on Scripture that would teach biblical truths to build her child’s faith. But, as the album progressed, she realized these truths would have a wider appeal, and the album was born. This collection of mostly original songs and a couple familiar melodies are all soaked in Scripture, and will appeal to people of all ages, not just children. However, with its mellow mood throughout, and songs that feature Yancy’s soothing voice along with minimum accompaniment, this would make a perfect album for nurseries or nighttime music for anyone. One of the songs that stood out was “Safe”, featuring Scripture promises from Psalm 121, Isaiah 41, and Proverbs 18:10. This perfect blend of music and text highlights the confidence we can have, knowing that God is in control and in charge. This encouraging song is helpful to those at any age! Another highlight of this project is the corresponding mobile app for iPhone and Android that provides parents devotions and activities to teach children the Biblical truths in each song.

More: Mellow and completely listenable music soaked with Scripture.

Less: Considering the purpose for this album, it makes sense that all of these songs are on the quieter side, but the album could have included a couple of more upbeat songs, just for balance.

3.5 stars
-Barry Westman


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