Royal Tailor

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royal-tailorRoyal Tailor

Although not the first to meld dance beats, rap, pop, rock, R&B in the world of Christian music, Royal Tailor are certainly one of the most upbeat …while considering the serious issues of what is real and our very reason for living. Songs veer from aural assault to evocative and beautiful love songs, and lead singer Tauren Wells has warmth and nuance to spare. The album encourages a repositioning of our perception of what’s valuable, leading us to Jesus and his love.

Sounds like: Beat-heavy POP with shades of rock and R&B, vocally driven and harmonically hued.

Top Songs

Most Singable: “Remain”

Strongest Biblical Content: “Give Me Faith” Heb 11 (allusions to many Scriptures across Testaments)

The Whole Package: “Fight For Freedom” “You Are My Rescue”

AH 4

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