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sanctus real1Sanctus Real

It’s not often that a band stays together for 17 years, and even more rare that they can continue to release great songs throughout their career.  Six records after their debut, Sanctus Real is doing just that with Run, the band’s first studio record in three years.  From start to finish, Run is full of energy, both lyrically and musically.  Both the lyrics and music are upbeat and uplifting quite literally: every chorus on the record begins with a major chord.  Rather than a weakness, Run’s song structure actually gives the record a feeling of completeness. Paired with singer Matt Hammitt’s lyrics, the songs feel wonderfully authentic. Behind the catchy melodies and big electric guitars, Run feels like the work of seasoned songwriters with years of life experience writing their personal prayers into the lyrics of each song.

More: The record has an authentic, uplifting feel to it as a whole, perfect for personal worship.

Less: For those tired of U2/Coldplay-inspired guitar sounds, Run’s straightforward pop/rock sound may not be for you.

Andy Toy

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