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5 Pointers for Staying Spiritually Fit With the Psalms

The Psalms have been a source of worship renewal for 100 generations of Christians; here is your guide for starting “working out” in the greatest spiritual gym.

What’s Your Worship Like?

When the music fades, does your worship still have substance?

True and Proper Worship – Becoming a Living Sacrifice

Before we begin singing, wise worship leaders understand what it means to lead and become a living sacrifice.

Why Lament in Worship?

8 biblical reasons why laments need to be part of our services of worship.

Prayer in the Hard Rain

From Bob Dylan to worldwide revival, here are thoughts on renewal and the revival of your church’s sung prayers.


Does the climate change when you cross the threshold of your church? NWLC featured artist, David Baloche invites you to stop at the threshold of worship … it’s a call to preparation for a deeper encounter. 


7 Easter Lessons

How can the unique Easter worship leading experience inform the rest of the year? Here are 7 ways.

What Would Jesus Sing?

Intentionally spotlighting scripture in our worship music

The First Known Christian Songbook

The early hymns that every worship leader, songwriter, and worshiper should know about.

Music Ministry As Prophecy

How singing and speaking with inspiration is more than simply leading songs.

Who Owns a Hymn?

A look at the ongoing sung narrative of God’s salvation throughout history.

When a Friend Attacks

Has someone wronged you? With Psalm 55 as a source, here are some biblical options.