Song Title Songwriter(s) Volume Artist Theme Scripture
The Lord Reigns Matthew P Barnett/Dwayne Patterson 102 Matthew P Barnett Praise and Adoration Ex 15:18
Mountaintop Elias Dummer/Eric Fusilier/Aaron Powell/Joshua Vanderlaan 98 The City Harmonic Fellowship of Believers Ex 19:20
Song Of Moses Chris Moeman/Aaron Keyes/Graham Kendrick/Ben Smith/Pat Barrett 95 Aaron Keyes Praise and Adoration Exod 15:2
I Believe In You Joel Engle/David Parker 62 Joel Engle Repentance and Commitment Exodos 34:6
At Your Feet Michael Popham/Regi Stone 55 Beldon Street Music Repentance and Commitment Exodos 4:31
Let It Rise Holland Davis, William Murphy Project 53 William Murphy Project Praise and Adoration Exodos 24:17
Reign Joe Sabolick 41 Joe Sabolick Ascension and Reign Exodos 15:18