Song Title Songwriter(s) Volume Artist Theme Scripture
God Of The Impossible Seth Condrey/Phillip LaRue/Bryan Brown 112 Seth Condrey Praise and Adoration Matt 19:16
When We Gather Brad Bichsel/Joshua Silverberg/Kipp Williams 111 Brad & Rebekah Fellowship of Believers Matt 18:20
Heaven On Earth David Binion/John Brockman/Joshua Dufrene 106 Covenant Worship Heaven and Eternity Matt 6:10
Risen Today Aaron Shust/Charles Wesley 99 Aaron Shust Resurrection Matt 28:6
The Church Chris Brown/ Mack Brock 98 Elevation Worship Evangelism and Missions Matt 28:19
Let It Shine David Leonard/Leslie Jordan 96 All Sons & Daughters Evangelism and missions Mat 13:43
Just As I Am Charlotte Elliott/William Batchelder Bradbury Additional Music and Lyrics by Shaun Groves 95 Shaun Groves Repentance and Commitment Matt 11:28-30
Kingdom Come Nicole C Mullen 93 Nicole C Mullen Return Matt 6:10
We've A Story To Tell The Nations H. Ernest Nichol/New Melodies/Arrangement by Vicksburg 92 Vicksburg Evangelism and missions Mat 24:14
In You Michael Boggs/Dave Hunt 90 Michael Boggs Love, grace and mercy Mat 11:28
You Hold My World Israel Houghton/Aaron Lindsey/Tommy Sims 88 Israel Houghton Hope and Assurance Mat 6:25-27
Shine On Carlos Whittaker/Jason Ingram 85 Carlos Whittaker Prayer and Guidance Mat 4:16
The Greatness of Our God Jason Ingram/Reuben Morgan/Stu Garrard 83 Natalie Grant Testimony Mat 12:1-8
The Lord's Prayer (Deliver Us) Arrangement by Jason Kyle Saetveit 82 Selah Prayer and Guidance Mat 6:9
Glorious Paul Baloche/Brenton Brown 81 Paul Baloche Resurrection Mat 28:7
Remembrance Matt Maher/Matt Redman 80 Matt Maher Lord's Supper Mat 26:25-27
Open Hands Matt Papa/James Tealy 79 Matt Papa Service and Stewardship Mat 25:40
God Is Moving Jon Abel/Chad Cates/Lee Black 79 Jon Abel Ascension and reign Mat 6:9-10
Lead You to the Cross Joe Beck/Chaz Bosarge/Billy Sprague 79 No Other Name Evangelism and missions Mat 5:16
Broken And Beautiful Brian Doerksen/Josh Fox 74 Brian Doerksen Passion and Death Mat 26:27
Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus Louisa MR Stead/William J Kirkpatrick/Arr By David Cleveland 72 LifeWay Worship Faith and trust Mat 11:28
Son Of God Tony Wood/Michael W Smith/David Hamilton 71 Craig-Claar/Clydesdale Advent Mat 1:21
All I Have Tim Dobbelmann/Gabriel Brennan/Nate Brennan 70 Charlie Hines Love, grace and mercy Mat 4:19
Ready Mac Powell/Third Day 69 Third Day Salvation Mat 18:3
As It Is In Heaven Matt Maher/Ed Cash 68 Matt Maher Father Mat 6:9
You Gave Your Life Away Paul Baloche/Katherine Scott 65 Paul Baloche Passion and Death Mat 28:5-6
Hear The Call Of The Kingdom Keith & Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend 62 Keith and Kryistyn Getty Opening Mat 6:33
Meet Us Here Mike Hohnholz 61 Mike Hohnholz Opening Mat 6:10
You Are All I Need Shelly Justice/Sal Oliveri 61 Day One Faith and Trust Mat 11:28-30
O Rejoice Mia Fields 58 Darlene Zschech Advent Mat 1:21
Hosanna Paul Baloche/Brenton Brown 55 Paul Baloche Praise and Adoration Mat 21:9
The Name Joe Beck/Anadara Arnold/Billy Spraque 54 Anadara Praise and Adoration Mat 1:21
Hunger And Thirst David Moffitt/Sue C Smith 54 Brentwood-Benson Hope and Assurance Mat 5:6
Angels From The Realms Of Glory Traditional, arranged by Steven Curtis Chapman 53 Steven Curtis Chapman Advent Mat 1:18
Rest In You Mia Fieldes 50 Hillsong Church Renewal Mat 11:23
Hosanna Kirk Franklin 40 Kirk Franklin Salvation Mat 12:10
Come Unto Me Jami Smith 38 Jami Smith Renewal Mat 11:28-29
Salt and Light Jan & John L'Ecuyer 37 Jami Smith Evangelism and Missions Mat 5:13-16
Above All Lenny LeBlanc & Paul Baloche 28 Lenny LeBlanc Hope and Assurance Mat 27:45-61
You Are So Good to Me Don Chaffer and Ben & Robin Pasley 26 Waterdeep Praise and Adoration Mat 7:11
I Will Remember James Montgomery & Henry W Greatorex, adapted by John A Schreiner 26 Cathy Schreiner Loyalty and Courage Mat 26:28
Because of Love Natalie Grant & Bernie Hermes 21 Natalie Grant Redemption Mat 27-28
Meet With Me Ben & Robin Pasley 20 Paul Baloche Faith and Trust Mat 26:70-75
The Gathering Marsh Shamburger and Sherry Gallegos 10 Calvary of Albuquerque Love, grace and mercy Matt 18:20
Son of Man Richard & Sarah Lacy, David Byrd 10 Eden's Bridge Passion and Death Matt 24:30
Here I Am Bill Batstone 8 Rob Mathes Testimony Matt 28
You Are Here Don Moen & Martin J Nystrom 2 Don Moen & Martin J. Nystrom Praise and Adoration Matt 18:20