Song Title Songwriter(s) Volume Artist Theme Scripture
Awesome God Bryan Popin/Tyrone Powell 108 Bryan Popin Praise and Adoration Deut 7:21
Be Lifted Up Robert Pierre/Matt Bronleewe/Jason Ingram 99 Robert Pierre Praise and Adoration Deut 32:3
Forevermore Aaron Shust/Brett Rutledge/Justin McKay/Jason Ingram 78 Aaron Shust Praise and Adoration Dt 4:35
Awaken My Heart Stephen Miller 78 Stephen Miller Renewal Dt 10:12
Cover Us Elissa Leander/Don Koch/Brian White 72 The Sonflowerz Loyalty and Courage Dt 32:2
He Is Here Nick Robertson/Tony Wood/Ronnie Freeman 68 Ronnie Freeman Fellowship of believers Dt 16:11
Have Your Way Evangeline Inman/Mark Inman 65 Evangeline Inman Faith and Trust Dt 5:33
Shine In Me Caleb Clements 62 Caleb Clements Redemption Dt 3:24
Your Love Is Life To Me Tony Wood & Jeromy Delbler 21 FFH Praise and Adoration Dt 8:3
I Love Your Ways Casey Corum & Brandon Dawson 11 Casey Corum & Brandon Dawson Faith and Trust Deut 10:12